Nympho by

Lola Taylor

 4.33 (315 Stimmen)

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Joined in Nov 2010

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26. Februar 2017
Super !
Joined in Nov 2007

63 Kommentare
Vor 19 Tagen
Face: Pretty smile and good eye contact, full star.

Body: Cute if a little broad-shouldered, beautiful bush but spoilt somewhat by an ugly tattoo. Half a star for me.

Moves: Her moves aren't bad and she knows how to tease, I'm going half a star just because some of the competition is better!

Outfit: It's cute and it's nice to see some variety, so worth a star.

Footwear: Nothing special but the stockings are cute (although they disappear on some clips) and the shoes stay on, so half a star.
Joined in Dez 2012

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22. Februar 2017
Never expected this card to be as good as it is. But good it certainly is.

Lola delivers a beautiful performance helped by the fact she has a gorgeous healthy looking physique, great legs, and fantastic arse. Lola moves with sensuality, style and sexiness like no other.

As a pussy connoisseur, I really appreciate the way Lola shows off her pussy over and over again. She has an attractive pussy 'crowned' with lovely sexy pubes. Her ginger pubes are cuter than cute.

This card is a must have.
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