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4. Mai 2014
This is the first Sabina's card I get and I must admit that she's really good. No explicit clips, soft performance but she's having much fun with the pole and the swing. She's super pretty and have a great body : amazing tits, perfect a perfect ass and a beautiful face. The hair work and the lingerie are a good choice and she seem sometimes shy, sometimes confident (and hot!), sometimes friendly. This show is definitely delightful, I could watch it again and again. Good work Sabina!
Joined in Feb 2014

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3. Mai 2014
Sabina shows some energetic pole clips, but she hasn't forgotten her main attraction which is playing the shy tease. If you like pert nipples, she's got 'em. She also seems more confident here. She's got the moves and timing down. On the taskbar she's a slow-mo sleaze which is sexy and erotic to the max. One of my favorite VG cards.
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3. Mai 2014
Diese show von SABINA ist mal wieder HOT HOT HOT einfach nr geil
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