Vital Signs by

Alexis Crystal

 4.22 (323 Stimmen)

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Joined in Okt 2013

342 Kommentare
19. Mai 2014

Stupid outfit, really really stupid. But it's still Alexis Crystal and she is one hot and fine girl. She's turning me on just by breathing, smiling at me. Beautiful face, perfect tits, long legs, wonderful ass. And a pussy to die for. Yummy yummy yum yum...
Joined in Jun 2012

583 Kommentare
17. April 2015
Oh gosh Alexis you're so naughty ! Makes me wanna spank that ass!
Joined in Aug 2013

40 Kommentare
23. Januar 2017
Spectacular. One in a million.
Joined in Jun 2013

53 Kommentare
17. November 2015
Elle est belle et a de bien jolies formes. Le phantasme de l'infirmiere toute nue sous sa blouse ! C'est pas encore pour maintenant.

Elle est bien sexy et on bande avec joie devant cette jolie infirmiere.
Joined in Jun 2011

1044 Kommentare
17. Mai 2014
Alexis porte le stéthoscope au cou, elle est donc toubib et j'imagine aisément ce qu'elle doit

faire avec! Carte très sexy avec des caresses dans la culotte et un ensemble rouge ultra excitant!

Attention aux taureaux ma belle:)
Joined in Sep 2013

124 Kommentare
22. April
Cute and fun model. I started to purchase her cards because of this outfit. I'd love her to be a nurse. I completely disagree with everyone else complaining about the outfit. A little imagination is a good thing.

She is another natural model. It's such a delight to see natural women present themselves. She does have a great smile and a very good vibe. If you like the girlfriend feel she is one of them.
Joined in Apr 2013

21 Kommentare
29. Mai 2014
9 non nude. 3 X rated. The full nudity are more graphic than usual.

High resolution, but the outfit made this impossible to light well. Still good, but the harsh whites are distracting.

Alexis is one of the best performers on VG. She smiles, interacts naturally. Fantastic.

Tall girl with natural tits. Fair skin. Shaved. No tats.

The outfit does not render all that well and the obligitory stethy to tits silliness is wasted on me. All that said, she does not waste any time getting into the stripping. She, as always, is sexy as hell. All her cards are great.
Joined in Mär 2014

394 Kommentare
18. Mai 2014
wieder sehr HOT HOT HOT was ALEXIS da wieder zeigt

nur dasOUTFIT gefällt mir nicht so gut
Joined in Mär 2009

1581 Kommentare
25. Mai 2015
Alexis infirmière de deux choses l'une ou elle vous achève à la crise cardiaque ou elle vous ressuscite. Une petite déception cependant, à aucun moment elle ne nous donne le fantasme ultime de l'infirmière nue sous sa blouse (argh maudite petite culotte).
Joined in Dez 2007

4 Kommentare
17. August 2016
ALEXIS knocks me out, hot n sexy. i have all of her cards and hope for more.

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