Blind Date by

Alexis Crystal

 4.24 (289 Stimmen)

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Joined in Okt 2015

9 Kommentare
6. Dezember 2016
A very hot and beautiful girl to love
Joined in Aug 2013

27 Kommentare
23. Juni 2017
Every time Alexis graces the screen I am again blown away by her smile, her expressive eyes and her fabulous body.
Joined in Okt 2013

335 Kommentare
14. Mai 2014
Wonderful and sexy as always but not one of my favourite shows. "Executive orders", "street charm" and "hot stepper" are perfect, she seems natural there and charming. In "Blind Date" she's playing a role most of the time with this dirsturbing finger gesture at the beginning and at the end of each clip. I don't like that. More shows please! New show, new luck! ;-)
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