Incorrigible by

Ennie Paris

 4.14 (262 Stimmen)

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Joined in Okt 2013

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14. Mai 2014

I agree with Baharoth, this is her best card so far. Simply LOVE that outfit and the way she takes it off. Her Hairdo, the make-up, the way Ennie moves, the way she touches herself. The look in her eyes. You can see she's really been in the mood by the time this show was recorded. Every single inch of her screams: "Here I am and I am randy, I need it right now! So come on over and do me!" Well, at least that's what I see... :-) However, great card, in my opinion a must have! Thanks Ennie, thanks Totem!
Joined in Jun 2011

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9. Mai 2014
Dès le départ, j'ai accroché avec cette nana et cela ne risque pas de s'arrêter avec cette

carte particulièrement élégante. Garder le haut dentelle tout en se masturbant, c'est juste

trop top. C'est donc une carte que je conseille vivement en toute subjectivité:)
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9. Mai 2014
One of the loveliest girls in VG. I hope this is not her last card, I like all the beautiful looks she sports as she looks like different girls. Such a seductive and teaseful girl with a perfect milky white body and a most beautiful pink.
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