Walkers vs Blondie by

Lindsey Olsen

 4 (250 Stimmen)

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Joined in Jul 2011

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31. Januar 2014
Die Strips sind gut nicht super, aber solide.

Ihr tolles Gesicht und das Outfit lassen Kurzweile aufkommen (auch wenn man eher nicht auf Armyfrauen steht).

Joined in Feb 2013

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30. Januar 2014
I really enjoy Lindsey Olsen's cards, which is very surprising to me because she is physically very different from what I consider my type of girl. She has a very innocent look to her and her movements are very seductive. I enjoy the 2 cards I have of her's and hope to see a lot more.
Joined in Aug 2008

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24. Januar 2014
Stunning Outfit. very nice performance - like her smile
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