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29. Dezember 2013
Shelly has that Extremely FIT,Sexy,Joyful,Friendly,Accessible, look of a sweet college girl which she merges quite effectively with an explicit Erotic demeanor

to encourage the most enjoyable "c'mon & do me" FantaSex indulgence in my PornDawg mind!First her incredible beauty!That angelic "Morgane-like" face with which she communicates a warmly assured Eros which she articulates most explicitly with her perfect,curvy,"let's hike mountains & then Fuck all night" body!She sometimes seems to move by the numbers, hitting the required "poses" & only holding them for what seems a minimum time. Then she juicily surprises with long & indulgent explicit caress & spread clips in which she acts out erotic action quite realistically.She indulges in spreading & touching quite a lot & her DB card extends this to full penetration so a "COMPLETE" enjoyment of her is nicely available.A total immersion into FantaSex with a sweet,warm,college babe is most appealing & fun with any of her cards.She is HOT!
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28. Dezember 2013
Très belle fille qui encore une fois sait se mettre en valeur avec cette fois-ci

un pantalon moulant taille basse aux plis multiples accompagné d'un haut fleuris

adorable. Dans son show, il y a de l'effeuillage, des caresses intimes avec la main

dans le pantalon et beaucoup d'autres choses à découvrir. C'est un spectacle avec

une certaine TENSION EROTIQUE!!!

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28. Dezember 2013
Oh yeah! New card of Shelly - my dream girl. I'll buy all her cards in blind. She is just perfect, love this body and again barefoot show. Keep it up Shelly you are my favorite! ;*
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