Cherry Blossom by

Liza Del Sierra

 4.22 (453 Stimmen)

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25. Februar
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21. April 2014
Tres jolie... vraiment belle... un voyage a Paris pour moi!!!

I think that Liza Del Sierra is definitely one of, if not THE, hottest women I've seen yet here on VGHD!!! I like my women big on top, and she certainly is big on top, but not overly so. Her proportions are just right for tall men like me (6 ft 2 in), even though she is a bit on the short side.

I really liked the way she drew me in to her show. I'm going to get a few more of her cards when I can afford them. Until then, I'll dream of Liza Del Sierra, et ma voyage a Paris pour elle voir a un club de noir, peutetre elle prendre a ma chambre d'hotel pour....

Personal rating... 10/10
Joined in Mär 2014

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6. April 2014
Quelle femme ! J'ai éjaculé abondamment !
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