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Liza Del Sierra

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Joined in Jun 2009

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18. November 2013
Newcomer Liza Del Sierra is a hot, hot Virtua Girl with a voluptuous build, a beautiful smile, and a sexy, sexy attitude. She may be a little chunkier than some prefer, but she's as grab-able and bodacious as they come.

In this card, she is wearing a workout outfit and puts it to good use as she pretends to go through a warmup routine of stretching and limbering up, even as she strips down. Obviously she's getting ready for an epic romp.

Definitely a great card, this girl is one we'll be watching from this point forward. Hot, hot, hot! Highly recommended.
Joined in Aug 2010

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4. November 2013
Now that's what a woman is suppose to look like! 10/10 Bravo!
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8. November 2013
Beautiful, curvy, sexy and maximum booty. What more could you ask for?

Can't wait for her next show. More like this please?
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