Sex Emergency by

Sophie Lynx

 4.16 (708 Stimmen)

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26. Februar 2017
Super !
Joined in Dez 2012

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19. April 2017
This is an impressive show by Sophie Lynx in which she gets to show off her exquisite body and her performance skills.

Sophie is HOT... really HOT. What is particularly sexy about her is that she maintains a lovely strip of pubic hair to compliment her lovely fleshy pussy.

Sophie is mesmerising. She is sexy. She is very pretty... and watching her perform gives one the hots for her. She's simply irresistable!
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6. Januar 2018
Natural boobs: yes + 1

Low profile shoes: yes and shoes come off +2

Barefoot clips: some +1

Special factors:

The outfit is not so awesome but +.5 for beautiful pokey nipples.
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