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Tracy Gold

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Joined in Sep 2016

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31. Oktober 2016
WOW tolle Frau it toller Show.Tolle Mimik.

Von mir volle Punktzahl.Aber die sind

viel zu wenig
Joined in Dez 2011

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4. Mai 2014
very very cute girl! :) shes need make the one more card and try to get over her shameness :)
Joined in Mär 2009

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15. November 2013
Great another Tracy Gold card and well worth buying .Although probably my least favourite of her three cards but only just .She is the best girl for me for a while .She could have made more of the swing and ice cream clips though .So still top marks .Look forward to seeing her on DB maybe with the luscious Lola .If you enjoyed the other two cards do not miss out on this one .
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