Take Off by

Vanda Lust

 4.49 (533 Stimmen)

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Joined in Nov 2013

1 Kommentare
5. Dezember 2013
She is the most gorgeous woman I have seen on the site (and I have looked at a lot of them :)). From her gapped front teeth to her beautiful gray eyes, (and the rest of her of course), she can dance on my desktop all day long. I have all of her cards, and this one is the sexiest. 10's across the board for her.
Joined in Aug 2009

45 Kommentare
20. Juli 2014
Vanda is a naughty girl and I love it! I was expecting her show to be good, but she once again managed to surprise me. Her performance is really amazing, both sexy and entertaining. That girl really is not just another beautiful blond.
Joined in Nov 2012

29 Kommentare
1. August 2015
Love the boots, sexy eyes and a great pink box. However, I thought the over all show was a little boring. She didn't seem to show off her goods enough, and when she did she had a habit of putting her hand to block the view of that pretty box. When she would move into a great position I was hoping she would hold it there but she moved position within seconds. It seemed she didn't know what to do next, almost nervous like. She just didn't connect with me. I have much better in my collection.
Joined in Feb 2013

34 Kommentare
1. Dezember 2013
A body like I like. performance not bad. But there is potential to improve the performance by using tools.

In my eyes a 10,0 is a to high score
Joined in Jan 2008

113 Kommentare
9. August 2016
to bad they didn't go back and record her shows in a higher resolution
Joined in Nov 2010

41 Kommentare
30. November 2013
With this card I think Vanda is more relaxed and confident than before. She is certainly sexier than ever, and she was incredibly sexy before. One of my favorite cards.
Joined in Sep 2017

230 Kommentare
5. Januar
Vanda is super sexy! What an incredible ass! I love her smile and her beautiful eyes.
Joined in Mär 2008

156 Kommentare
29. November 2013
Very Creative! Love this card! I love it that she got rid of the hat right away! I would give a 1000/10 if I could !
Joined in Mai 2016

138 Kommentare
2. Oktober 2018
I can't believe how young she is her moves are amazing very sexy show.
Joined in Nov 2017

226 Kommentare
7. Mai 2018
Sensual and sexy. The boots make the outfit really hot

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