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Joined in Mär 2012

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25. August 2018
Armina has great moves, knows how to turn a guy on. Love her pole work. Sometimes it feels like she repeats moves just because. Otherwise is a great card to have in your collection
Joined in Okt 2010

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25. Januar
Maybe she is better ssuited to be a magician, as in "now you see it now you don't". The are no starting RFN clips. The swing clips are side views. She spends too much time deliberately hiding her pussy with her hands. The outfit is a one piece which gets undone one part at a time. This means most of it is left dangling in front of her until it is fully removed. Otheer than that she is a beautiful girl who is very graceful. She has potential which will probably remain just that: potential. I give her three stars. Two for being attractive and graceful; one for just showing up.
Joined in Jul 2010

17 Kommentare
5. November 2013
My god O.O .....

I didn't know that a body like that even existed. And that cute little smile......

Some girls have done a tons of cards, like Jana Cova (well worth it, i agree) ; well, I think that i speek for a lot of members when i say that we would like at least the same amount from Armina. no Desk Babe though. let's not ruin the mystery.....
Joined in Aug 2013

4 Kommentare
10. Oktober 2013
Wow!! How may I be of service Ma'am??!
Joined in Aug 2011

69 Kommentare
24. Oktober 2014
OMG Armina Just seeing You gets my Blood RunningWhat would I give to Kiss your Honsy PotI Luv the way You Move, I could go on.. . . .One Hell of Babe to be Kept in Bed
Joined in Nov 2009

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14. Oktober 2013
"She's got legs and she knows how to use them." Yeah, I just quoted ZZ Top. Armina's performance calibur is right up there with Melisa. She knows her body and how to entertain. 10/10 & red heart!
Joined in Nov 2007

337 Kommentare
15. November 2013
She knows how to use "all of it." :-)
Joined in Sep 2010

65 Kommentare
5. Oktober 2013
Wow, one of the best cards since a couple of months. She is really sexy and a very good perfomer! Very nice!
Joined in Sep 2013

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5. Oktober 2013
Sie ist einfach perfeckt

Joined in Apr 2011

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22. Mai 2017
I wish she would show more of her jewel.

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