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Joined in Mär 2012

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25. August 2018
Armina has great moves, knows how to turn a guy on. Love her pole work. Sometimes it feels like she repeats moves just because. Otherwise is a great card to have in your collection
Joined in Jul 2010

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5. November 2013
My god O.O .....

I didn't know that a body like that even existed. And that cute little smile......

Some girls have done a tons of cards, like Jana Cova (well worth it, i agree) ; well, I think that i speek for a lot of members when i say that we would like at least the same amount from Armina. no Desk Babe though. let's not ruin the mystery.....
Joined in Aug 2013

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10. Oktober 2013
Wow!! How may I be of service Ma'am??!
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