Summer Sweets by

Melody Powers

 4.11 (410 Stimmen)

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23. Oktober 2013
This is another great card from the bubbly, beautiful Melody Powers. In Summer Sweets, she is the sweet, with her great smile and fun attitude begging you to sample her tastiness.

The card features a sort of country girl look that is a great match for Melody's all natural, blond country appeal. Her awesome, approachable, grab-able body is accentuated by the cutoffs and spaghetti top here.

Her performance is great, though not much different from her other shows so far. This keeps her from being a Perfect 10 here, but not so much that this card isn't well worth the download. A great one and well worth it!
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26. August 2016

Melody Powers is by far the most vivacious bubbly and entertaining iStripper performer. This gorgeous sexy starwberry blonde packs a powerful sexy stimulating punch in her performance. She is like a Duracell battery ... packed with seemingly never-ending dynamic energy.

Watching Melody - her beautiful body and her entertaining routines - it becomes very obvious why she is simply irresistable. After watching her performance, you will feel like you have just had an intimate physical workout with her.

What is incredible about Melody is that whilst her performance is not exlicit, her stunning nudity scenes will leave you feeling like it was. I rate Melody as one of the top performers here. It should also be said that her beautiful complexion adds an extra dimension to her performance.
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6. Februar 2014
This is Melody's best outfit in my opinion. Sadly (as in all of her shows) there are no explicit or X rated clips. The show does feature nudity, but with assets hidden. Frustrating. An incomplete show.
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