Beyond Innocence by

Emily Spenser

 3.78 (328 Stimmen)

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26. Februar 2017
Super !
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20. Oktober 2013
I add my kudos and thanks to the one who thought of the wet/ drying idea. Fantastic. Nothing goes better together than a woman and wetness. Emily plays it straight and natural in this 'beach' theme set and so it works wonderfully. Probably her best card. Emily has a fine, mature body but is about average in dancing ability. It seems that for these type gals, a strong theme based card allows them to just 'play the part' without having to uncomfortably dance or swing on the pole.

PS if the wet look catches on, maybe we could exchange the cage for a shower stall. It wouldn't have to actually work, just suggest the theme.
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12. November 2017
show culd be beter thats not her falt thats the people who decided not to have stripper pole why not what waste you have a gilr who is a hy energy dancer and no pole
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