Cover of Night by

Emily Spenser

 3.7 (379 Stimmen)

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14. September 2013
As always, Emily is gorgeous! Unfortunately she is not the best performer we have here. Her closeup clips are quite lackluster. Her standing clips are much better though her movements are often a bit awkward still. I do absolutely want to give her credit for making an obvious effort, though!

I don't have any problem with the lack of explicit clips by some of the more recent models. They are still sexy and alluring! I am confused, though, by the classification of some of the clips in this card. There are at least two clips that are labeled as containing "Full Nudity" in which the panties never come off and in one of them there isn't any nudity at all.

The lingerie in this card is hot!

While I don't hold any hope that Emily's moves will be any more fluid or professional in the remainder of the cards for this set, I still look forward to seeing more of her as she is just so damn fine! Perhaps she will work out the kinks and return with a more seasoned performance in the future...
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18. September 2013
Emily is one pretty women, the outfit looks good on her. the show is so so but I did like it. 9/10 over all for me.
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10. August 2015
cover of night, cover of day . . . as long as emily spenser is under the covers i have SWEET DREAMS!

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