Witness Protection by

Samantha Lee

 4.17 (443 Stimmen)

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Joined in Nov 2008

380 Kommentare
1. Oktober 2016
i love me you
Joined in Mai 2017

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26. August 2018
She is A Goddess. please more !!!
Joined in Jun 2009

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15. Juli 2013
This is another great card from Samantha Lee. This woman is as hot as it gets and her performances are marked by her excellent ability to showcase her beautiful body and her amateurish nervousness (which is endearing rather than annoying or distracting) while doing so.

Samantha is one of the most well-built, natural women to have appeared on VGHD, but probably doesn't realize it. Her near-innocence, great combination of girl-next-door meets perfect body, and occasional flashes of fun attitude make her very likable and approachable.
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