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Joined in Mär 2018

43 Kommentare
15. Mai 2018
Du hast einen sehr sexy Körper mit schönen geilen großen Titten. Danke für deinen Strip
Joined in Mai 2017

850 Kommentare
4. April 2018
Please more of Kathy, she is a Goddess !!!
Joined in Mär 2014

94 Kommentare
14. Dezember 2015
HemiCuda, plasonic, and Mugsy got it right; Kathy, in any of her cards, is a WINNER!!!!! If i were XXX years younger (censored for my protection), I would definitely be chasing after this young lady. Long shapely legs, curvy body, huge all-natural breasts, pretty face, "Kiss Me" lips, sensual eyes... who could want more? Well, I could, like her being in my apartment, in my bedroom, and......

My only complaint about this card is the STUPID CAGE. I don't know which accessory I dislike more, the cage or the pole. I still refuse to downgrade my rating just because of the stupid cage.

I have all six of Kathy's cards to date, and I know many of the collectors would love to see about 100 more cards of Kathy. Could you maske that happen, Totem? Maybe a few DB duos with Viola, or Carmen Croft, or Mandy Dee,or any other beautiful, naturally big boobed female there? We would vertainly appreciate it....

10/10, because... well... just because.....

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