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24. August 2012
Ah Goldie-Ya make me wish I was Pixelated & could jump into the screen with you & FantaSexPlay all day!Man, you'd be so fun to go a-rollin' & a-tumblin' with!

She does it again folks! Pours a MEGA DOSE of Undulating Sexy Eros into her petite frame & spills it all over us to become a Force of Erotic Nature cleverly disguised as a lovely girl next door!Every move filled with liquid sex as she winds & grinds her way thru her seductive dance.Flexy as well, she arcs, spreads, leaps, bends, & flies on the pole maintaining the ooze of pure sexy all the way.Even though her 2 X clips are merely glorified "explicits" (no finger insert, just nice rubbing)she infuses her moves with such Eros that when she sucks her finger while stroking her cunny it's wet, it's in, & it's fine!She is a consummate sex performer & it's a Hot Joy to play all her cards at once, whatever erotic level you choose. I'd love to see what she'd do on DeskBabes.Wow,now there's a place for her sultry sexy improvisation!

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27. Juli 2017
Goldie is a 5. Horny as can be. Tons of fun. Smooth performance. Like I often say, if a girl is going to do this she may as well do it right.
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1. September 2012
The old "bee" outfit is wheeled out again for Goldie's 6th show, with suitably corny card title. Not one of the worst outfits of the past and a fun one for Goldie.

She was once again slow on the task-bar, but moved with great variation and impressive agility. Her style and demeanour, as usual, were what made these clips truly excellent though. Ranging from very sexy and seductive to laugh out loud funny in the space of 5 clips, with plenty of that amazing smile, some wonderful moments of teasing and lovely viewer interaction. 3 clips featured full nudity, with one explicit, one x-rated and the other a delightfully comedic short.

The standing clips were also full of her fantastic style, variation and gorgeous personality, including a couple more fun shorts and a top-notch striptease. The highlight was, unsurprisingly, her superb, graceful, stylish and impressive acrobatic pole dancing again, with Goldie in top form in 2 out of the 5 clips and giving excellent value in the other 3. This show equals her best overall for me.

All 6 of Goldie's card have had too few clips in my view, but her performances have been great enough to overcome that. I would love to see her return in some longer shows to really give her talents the showcase they deserve.

personal rating 9.76

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