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Install iStripper to get this exclusive erotic show of Rebeka directly on your taskbar. It lasts 41 minutes and features arousing and explicit scenes.

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26. Februar 2017
Super !
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17. August 2017
This has to be the most classy dance/striptease performance! Extraordinarily beautiful Rebeka is a remarkable pocket rocket! Her performance is exquisite, classy, sexy, sensual, naughty, teasing and revealing.

As a pussy connoisseur, I admire the way Rebeka reveals her beautifully groomed and tattood genital area and her stunningly attractive pussy. Like everything else, she does it with style and in good taste.

This show is pure delightful entertainment, by a very talented Rebeka. The last word must be about her phenomenal breasts. They'll cause any guy to have a 'boner'!
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30. Juli 2012
Rebeka looks fantastic in this outfit for the final card of her set. My favourite from her 6 shows.

On the task-bar she once again performed with her fascinatingly stylized movement and perfectly paced variation of position. She made a good connection with the viewer through her sultry, seductive charm and generally good eye-contact. She always seems to perform with a well choreographed routine, but in this show it came across as more natural. A bit less like performing in front of an audience and more like a one-on-one situation. An excellent mix of eroticism and entertainment value.

Finally Rebeka has shown her ability on the pole. This routine was the kind of sexy, entertaining and well executed display of non-acrobatic pole dancing that I had hoped for in her previous shows, where her performance just seemed to lack a little. Nothing lacking here though. The standing clips featured the red swivel chair, which Rebeka used very well for the most part in a very sexy routine. She maybe spent a bit too much time sitting, but Rebeka is certainly never boring to watch. Both full strips were great, but the shorter of the two was superb.

Certainly a case of the best performance saved for last from this great showgirl.

personal rating 9.88
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