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23. April 2012
Rebeka is a very lively, beautiful Russian girl whose debut card here features a favorite theme: maids. She has fun with some of the props (notably the feather duster) and puts on a good show.

Her big fake breasts are rock solid and a little distracting to me, but her bubbly ways make up for a lot of that. She has a good performance style, though I suspect that a card featuring a lot more pole work would be much better suited to her as she is a well-practiced pole dancer from the small indications given in this card.

Definitely one worth having. Looking forward to more good performances from this Virtua Girl and hope to see her on DeskBabes as well.
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7. Mai 2012
Yes, now that's what I like a nice fitness body with huge tits that can perform for us! Can't wait for more!

I don't care if they are fake because you still can't take your eyes of them with such huge breast on a small frame.
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22. April 2012
Rebeka seduced me in her demo by her dancer creative movement,her amazing body (her sweet ass when she spun around)& bright personality. She literally sucked the credit from my stash!I'm happy she did!What a beauty!She IS a dancer, with fit curvy body, flowing creative moves, & character play.She fulfills the qualities of being an entertaining stripper quite well, lots of tease & play.Perhaps a bit too much.I'd have liked a bit more erotic action as well in the mix. She has a GREAT explicit video! C'mon Totem, EVOLVE, and put a couple of clips of THAT in the cards!She has the ability & obviously the desire!I am mesmerized by her gorgeous tits, so JugsPerky!She is eminently watchable & I am hoping that when she comes on in that short skirt in another card that Totem allows her to amp up the explicit erotic action & achieve a better balance of Tease & Please. To not do so is to waste this beauty & her erotic talent.Her Wicked Smile & WonderBod go a long way to please my hungry eyes. DB?
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