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Sandra Shine

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20. August 2011
Bester Kommentar It's so great to see Sandra again!!! Her special blend of sweet, charming sex appeal and natural sensuality is unique to her and she brings it all to this fantastic card! Her outfit is simple and yet seductive and looks amazing on her!

Her charm is so captivating that when she does get fully nude and even explicit, it hits you like a ton of bricks and I mean that in a good way! It's immensely satisfying that when a girl is as drop-dead gorgeous from head to toes as Sandra is, that she also can put on such an exciting and sexy show! Her interaction with the viewer never falters and, like all great performers on VG, it creates a sense of personal intimacy that she knows just how to carry and build and intensify and bring to the inevitable conclusion! ;)

I'm so excited that she's returned and eagerly await more greatness from the one of a kind Sandra Shine! :)

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17. Dezember 2016
WOW imma eine geile Frau ...

Wann kommen von ihr den neue Shows
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24. Juli 2016
Sexy girl; please ugrade to best resolution!
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