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7. August 2017
kleiner Engel
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17. Februar 2012
Raspberry by Nikita is some delicious fruit waiting to be devoured.

Nikita's performance is wonderful. She has the best bedroom eyes on VirtuaGirl. With her smoking hot body, fantastic loving smile, and eager promising looks...... yummy.

She is the embodiment of "adorably sexy". The pink nightgown outfit goes very well with her. Also the reasonably normal heels are nice, not obnoxious. I love how she lets the nightie shrug itself off her shoulders. She has mouthful sized breasts, and her pussy is shaved bald. Nikita's lips and smile are truly mesmerizing. The show is a nice 36 minutes long. It occured to me that it took a bit of time for her to get out of her panties, but I barely noticed due to loving her performance!

Nikita is like the girlfriend you wish you had, teasing you just before going to bed, but not to sleep.

10 out of 10
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24. Juli 2011
Nikita hooks me with a Teasin' Temptin' Teeny vibe that is quite an effective stimulation of my FantaSexin'desire! Like Mirka & Adrienn she makes me smile a wicked smile, grab some lube, & lock the door!I've learned to accept what VG gives with a FlexyFantaSexy attitude & go from there.Nikita presents a shy, sweet loveliness, that is ripe for a Street Teeny Fantasy. Newbie trying to impress erotically, she is a nubile, ripe, "just legal" lookin' package of sexy pump & wiggle!She looks at us with expressions of sultry beauty that are combined with innocently erotic offerings of her fresh young body.Especially good are poses on her side, flashing & pumping her sexy, lean, ass & hips.She's got a lot of seductivity & it would be better if she uses more of it. She has the sweetest cunny & pucker & I love it when she pumps them to us.In the last clip she finally does a straight on, "horny spider" pose & pump BUT TOTEM CUTS IT SHORT!

Still, her lean ass & sweet cunt have me beggin' fer more!!
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