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Aleska Diamond

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Install iStripper to get this exclusive erotic show of Aleska Diamond directly on your taskbar. It lasts 32 minutes and features arousing and explicit scenes.

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Joined in Apr 2008

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24. Juli 2016
Sexy girl; why not ugrade to best resolution?
Joined in Jun 2009

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2. Januar 2012
This is another excellent card from Aleska Diamond. It features a good mix of stand up pole dancing, taskbar striptease, and Aleska's signature nude body showcasing and sexy style.

The outfit is a military-themed leotard that unzips nicely down the front. The only complaint is that its brown color splashes kind of wash out with Aleska's hair and skin tone.

For the Aleska Diamond fan, this card is a great choice thanks to its good mix of performance. Her skill on the strip pole is showcased pretty well and her great ability with the stripTEASE is here too.
Joined in Aug 2010

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6. August 2011
If you have seen this show, I ask you- I just ask: Have you seen many like this one??

Have you?

I, for one have not! This woman is beyond belief!! Where have they been hiding this girl with this routine??

For the most part, I usually hate military uniforms on a sensational woman. but here the outfit vanishes and fades behind her movements, and her routine can only be described as "liquid" and sex oozes from her!!!!

All I have left is this: just watch her.

There will be no way you will want to take your eyes off her!!!
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