Farm life by

Aleska Diamond

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Joined in Sep 2016

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14. Januar 2017
Wow Aleska ist eine schöne Frau.Tolles Outfit.Tolles Lächeln und eine aufreizende Show.Volle Punkt zahl
Joined in Nov 2014

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11. Februar 2018
super set gerne mehr davon
Joined in Jun 2009

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18. Juli 2011
This very hot, new VirtuaGirl has entered the desktop stripper world with this first card. And oh what a card it is!

Aleska is hotter than hot. There is no other way to describe her and she seems made for this farmer's daughter outfit as well. This tanned blond with the beautiful, natural body is very near perfection and her performance and attitude match that beauty.

She plays the outfit well and has good skill with the striptease, the pole, and every aspect of making you happy to see her. Her entire attitude and performance seem perfect for the pigtails she wears. I can't say enough about how great this new desktop dancer and her performance here are.
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