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Blue Angel

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Joined in Feb 2019

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30. März
Wahnsinn! Sie ist schön - und sie tanzt wie eine Göttin.
Joined in Apr 2008

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24. Juli 2016
Sexy girl; why not ugrade to best resolution?
Joined in Feb 2012

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17. Juni 2012
Blue Angel was one of the first women on this site to really grab my attention...I have since collected every one of her "cards", including her "DeskBabes" appearances. Her astonishing flexibilty and talent certainly make this particular card work exceptionally well...almost as though she's my own hot little ballerina!!! As far as I'm concerned, Blue Angel is the BEST to be found on VirtuaGirls or DeskBabes....She is the hottest lady I have ever seen!!! Every single one of her cards is outstanding...she just can't be beat!!!
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