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Cindy Dollar

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31. März
Bei den Shows von der wunderschönen heißen Cindy werde ich jedesmal aufs neue tierisch geil und würde Cindy Dollar am liebsten real vernaschen. Klare 5 geile Sterne für die heiße Cindy
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14. August 2011
Cindy Dollar is a great performer and this card shows it. While not quite as sexually alluring as her previous cards I've reviewed, the outfit is very hot and her show is still great stuff.

Her big fake breasts are a good match for her solid, strong body and beautiful face. No one in their right mind would not like looking at Cindy Dollar. She has a great hind end, beautiful hourglass figure, and a great smile with a little lip-biting thing that pulls you right in.

In this card, she wears the cowgirl outfit in nearly all scenes (in various stages of undress, of course) and there is something really hot about a pantyless woman in chaps doing the desktop dancing thing for you. It's hard to explain, you just have to see it.
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26. Juni 2011
I almost overlooked Cindy Dollar,her outfit in this card convinced me to take a chance on her.What i found is an exceptional lady, the way she looks at the camera i worth the credits alone imho
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