White dream by

Ferrara Gomez

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Joined in Apr 2008

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14. April 2016
Very erotic girl with hot outfit. PLEASE upgrade to hightest resolution!!
Joined in Jul 2011

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22. Mai 2012
Ferrara Gomez in my White Dream. She's a reason I signed up for VirtuaGirl. Here is a simple show af a girl in her underwear stripping out of it. She is slender, has barely-there breasts, smooth pussy, a very fine spankable butt, and a hypnotizing gaze that will make her one of your favorites too. The normal heels are a plus.

Ferrara has a great smile that lights up the room. Her eye contact is near perfect. Add in nice teasing, some very hot rubbing and fingering, and you'll be asking your girlfriend to take notes! 39 minutes is quite good, but I could go for more Ferrara Gomez! She's better than most on the pole, but still needs practice. I've always thought that girls with very small breasts needed to get creative to be sexy, and she proves the theory. A couple clips are mis-labled, but still hot! When she's watching you over her shoulder while you stare at her swaying butt, you'll be glad you got this show.

10 out of 10
Joined in Jan 2008

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13. Mai 2011
Je suis d'accord, elle est une surprise agréable avec un corps 100% naturel.

Ce n'est pas comme certaines...

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