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Joined in Feb 2018

18 Kommentare
24. Juli 2018
Super Hänger super Figur. Tolles Mädchen.
Joined in Mär 2018

43 Kommentare
17. Juli 2018
eine sexy Körper und viel Feuer im Hintern
Joined in Feb 2012

121 Kommentare
18. Juni 2012
Admittedly, I had some minor trepidations about adding this card to my collection when I first viewed it...but it wasn't long before those trepidations turned into a solid "very pleased I grabbed this one". That was when I first got the card...since then Eliska has worked her way into my heart with her incredible beauty and her playful attitude...and of course her hot body. Personally I would highly recommend this seems to get better every time she shows up on my desktop.
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