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Playful Ann

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23. Oktober 2010
Bester Kommentar Playful Ann is a lovely girl, who looks much better in her clips than her pics.

In her task-bar clips she was very active with a lot of movement, but not much sex appeal. Ann came across as having a nice, friendly personality and seemed to be enjoying herself, but I felt that there was an underlying nervousness about her. She didn't maintain eye contact well and seemed too distracted to create any real sense of interaction. She was trying too hard I think, rather than letting the performance flow naturally.

In the pole clips her obvious lack of confidence was more of a drawback, and her performance was poor. She didn't have much clue on the pole and, although she tried a couple of swings, they were not well executed.

The standing clips were entertaining and fun though. The performance seemed frankly amateurish, but again in an endearingly enthusiastic way.

Overall a fun debut card from Playful Ann, but far from great. I think she could get a lot better with more experience though.
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25. April 2018
Playful Ann ist natürlich geil .

Ihre Muschi ist klein und süß !
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4. April 2016
Eroticand sweet dream. PLEASE upgrade to highest resolution!
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