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11. November 2010
Bester Kommentar Go here for my full unedited review of this card:-

Here is a summary

Playful Ann looks good in this cheerleader outfit, which suits her more than her début outfit I think.

Her performance on the task-bar was more measured here, and, apart from a few hesitations she seemed more confident than in her début. This was a fun and entertaining performance, but also had a very good interactive quality and bags of sex appeal. The basketball was little more than a distracting irrelevance though.

In the pole clips there was no sense of dynamism or style and Ann just appeared to be going through the motions. She did try a few moves which were not that well executed.

The standing clips were entertaining and sexy. Ann's movement and striptease were good and she made better use of the basketball in these clips, although she was better without it I think.

Overall this is an improvement, but there's plenty of room for Ann to get better still
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4. April 2016
Erotic girl. PLEASE upgrade to highest resolution!
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18. März 2011
This girl is one of the hottest cheerleader-style girls you?ll ever see performing. Playful Ann is beautiful, has a great body, and does an excellent job desktop dancing with a great VirtuaGirl attitude and smile to match. One of the better new performers for sure.
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