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23. Oktober 2010
Bester Kommentar Firstly I have to say that I think the very high overall rating for this card is very misleading. It's really not much better than average in my view. I can only imagine that VG customers are becoming very easy to please these days.

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Here is a summary.

Silvie looks much better in this outfit than in her previous cards, but still looks unhealthily thin to me and is really not my type.

On the task-bar she is seductive, has a decent sense of interaction and is obviously enjoying herself while performing, but really nothing out of the ordinary and spoiled a bit for me by her narrow body shape.

The Standing clips were the highlight. Up-tempo, fun and entertaining, but I didn't find them particularly sexy. The pole clips were similar in style, but Silvie's use of the pole was nothing special.

I give this a creditable 7 rating, based on improved performance and look.
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20. September 2014
SD is a fantastically, breath-takingly beautiful woman with the looks of a super model and the appeal of the girl next door. Her breasts are perfectly sized for her physique. And, she has the appearance of someone who keeps herself in top physical condition. And then, there is her performance. Wow! Pure sexxx appeal. This is where the girl next door turns into the hot vixen you wished lived next door. 10+
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28. Mai 2018

Oh what I’d do for a week of pleasure, on an exotic tropical island, with this sexy adorable Czech goddess, Silvie!!!!!!! Love her gorgeous breasts & her pussy playing. God, she’s hot… so damn hot!!!! WOW!!!!!!
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