Red sun by

Jana Cova

 4.53 (1290 Stimmen)

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9. Oktober 2010
Bester Kommentar Jana Cova looks truly spectacular in this very sexy red outfit. I'm also more used to her shorter hair now, and I like the addition of the hair band.

On the task-bar, Jana's performance was seductive, yet expressive and interesting both in her facial expressions and body movement.

I don't think Jana used the pole as well as usual in some clips, although she did throw in a couple of well executed moves which rescued them a bit. In her full striptease on the pole though, she used it superbly to enhance her routine and again executed a quite impressive move on the pole.

As usual with Jana, the standing clips were more about posing than dancing. Few girls can pull off this style as well as she can though. There was also a directors chair prop in a couple of the clips, including the full striptease, and although Jana used it very well, I couldn?t help feeling that it cramped her style very slightly.

Overall a really excellent card from Jana. Only a tiny fraction below her very best.
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12. Mai 2016
Please upgrade to highest resolution; love this model!
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26. Februar 2017
Super ! Super ! Super !
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