Secret room by

Danielle Trixie

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17. Oktober 2010
Bester Kommentar This is Danielle's best outfit yet for me. She looks absolutely beautiful and incredibly sexy in this card.

Danielle's has a subtle, but very good sense of viewer interaction on the task-bar and is quite expressive. Her performance was sexy and seductive, although she didn't really do anything exceptional.

In the pole clips she performed a good sexy routine, using the pole well for a non-pole dancer, and included a couple of relatively simple corkscrews which she executed very well.

The standing clips were again in the posing style. She was confident, sexy and pretty much nailed this style of performance. The feeling of uncertainty and static style of her previous cards was nowhere to be seen here, except in one clip where she spent too long on the floor and didn't really do much otherwise.

Overall, a very good sexy performance from an exceptional and truly natural beauty with loads of sex appeal, in her best card to date. Just lacking that extra spark that would have earned 10
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30. Dezember 2016
so sexy but bad quality!
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26. Februar 2017
Super !
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