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Ashley Bulgari

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8. September 2010
Bester Kommentar Firstly I must say that Ashley looks absolutely beautiful in this card. Unlike her first card, the fake tan isn't overdone and the outfit and hair style are absolutely spot on.

Ashley's performance is good, but not great. In the task-bar clips she doesn't really do very much, but still manages to come across as very sexy and seductive. In the standing clips, it's a similar story. Nothing out of the ordinary, but still a good solid, sexy performance. She does spend too much time on the floor for my liking in a couple of clips though.

In the pole clips, Ashley performs pretty well for a non-pole dancer. Although she isn't great stylistically, she does enough to keep things interesting and entertaining and isn't afraid to have a go at the odd move here and there.

So a solid 9 from me for this one.
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26. Februar 2017
Super !
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13. Juni 2018
A stunning looking babe. A stunning outfit. A stunning performance. Production quality is great with nice clarity & beautiful natural colour.

Ashley Bulgari is a fabulous beauty. She’s a wonderful performer. She has a superb body. She also has a very attractive pussy & beautifully groomed genital area. It’s exquisite!

Ashley demonstrates in her three XXX scenes why she’s a fabulous performer as she seduces you with her piercing seductive blue eyes.

This card is unbelievably impressive!!!!! Everything about this card is good… so good! Simply outstanding!!!!!!
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