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Joined in Okt 2012

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29. Oktober 2012
Undoubtedly one of my favorite girls, sensual, loving and very appetizing. I love you Laetitia.
Joined in Okt 2008

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15. Dezember 2010
Laetitia has a face of freshair with that look to her photographer while performing for the camera. Her body is so cuddly and not as some of VGHD models that can be classed as if they have some sort of anorexia, bulimia or other eating disorders. She seems always "eager to please" which is the right moto for a real desktop performer. In this kind of business you don't need just to have a very nice body but you need to have the perfect attitude of what you are doing.

Good on you Laetitia Love your performances.
Joined in Jan 2008

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14. Mai 2010
Show très agréable, peut-être l'un de ses meilleurs mais je ne peux lui 10 parce qu'elle n'as pas de fesses...

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