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30. April 2010
Bester Kommentar Laetitia is a gorgeous brunette with a lovely smile and a nice sense of interaction with the viewer. She is certainly the kind of girl I like, but I would say this outfit makes her look pretty and cute, rather than beautiful and sexy.

Her performance seems to be lacking a bit here in the task bar clips. Certainly not as playful and fun as she was in her 1st card. She does manage to give a seductive performance, particularly in he topless and explicit clips though (very explicit in at least 1).

Her performance in the pole dancing clips is a considerable improvement over her 1st card. Although not a good pole dancer, she used the pole quite well here and did enough to hold my attention.

As before, her standing clips were the highlight for me. She has a quirky and endearing way of moving which adds to the entertainment value. That said, one disappointing aspect is that no full standing striptease is included here.

Overall this isn’t as good as "Playful Girl". Still a solid 9 though.
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6. September 2017
Geile Maus
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6. September 2010
This Lady Rocks !! She looks like she'd be real fun to hang out with. Love the country girl naughty farmers daughter and all. If I saw her in a nudie bar I'd be out of dollars very quickly.
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