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18. Juli 2011
This is a great card from a very hot VirtuaGirl. Laetitia has a beautiful, natural body, great looks, and is a knock-em-dead desktop stripper. Her only fault in this card is that she fails to connect with the viewer, really, and seems a little uneasy about her performance.

The outfit is good, though average, but she doesn't waste time with it much. Her natural body nearly falls out of it, with those beautiful big natural breasts nearly exploding from the bikini top. There isn't much to complain about here.

Each of the scenes is good, relatively long, and features some awesome showcases of this beauty's excellent body. She just can't seem to get into the groove, though, and in nearly an hour of performance, she misses getting that "spark" and becoming a Perfect 10. Still, the card is great and well worth the download.
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7. September 2012
Laetitia is a cute girl with much talent and a very sexy outfit. The main pro in this card is the length and the sensuality. I don't have anything left to say, I just think that it's worth the credit(s), and is a very good show.
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9. Februar 2012
Setting Sun from Laetitia is another great performance from her. If you like explicitness, large natural breasts, and a healthy amount of meat on your women: she's your girl.

The skirt is plenty short for some nice upskirt shots of her thong bikini. This is a nice long show, nearly an hour. Her pussy is shaved smooth, and Laetitia just loves playing with herself and spreading her lips for you. Also check her out on DeskBabes. I only wish Totem wouldn't put these girls in huge platform shoes so often, but I can overlook that minor detail.

It is so nice when the lady is having fun, and when she enjoys her own body. Laetitia is definitely in that category. She keeps a sence of personal contact very well, she knows she is stripping for YOU, and you alone.

I give her 10 out of 10
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8. Juni 2010
Although not my favourite, this is another very sexy outfit for Laetitia and she looks gorgeous here.

I think this performance is the least explicit of her 4 cards to date, but it is still her best yet in my view. In the task-bar clips, she is playful, fun and interactive, but is seductive and very sexy with it. We see plenty of that wonderful smile of hers here, and some of her expressions are so sexy they just make you ache for her.

It's very obvious that Laetitia isn't a pole dancer, but in terms of style, variation of movement and sheer sex appeal, this is also her best performance yet in the pole clips .

The highlight for me again were Laetitia's standing clips though. Her quirky and playful way of moving is not only very endearing, but in this show is also exceptionally sexy. Unlike her last couple of cards, we also get a full striptease in this one which is possibly the best clip in this show. The one where it all comes together.

Overall Laetitia's best so far I think. 10

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4. August 2018
This ismy second card from Laetitia. She has a beautiful smile and sexy body
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8. Februar 2014
I only have one card by Laetitia but she is very beautiful and sexy! I am drawn by her expression and movements. All I can say I will be completing my collection and enjoying the shows she does.
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6. Juni 2010
I think this is her best show to date. She looks simply amazing in this very sexy bikini, removes it with tantalizing allure, and her eyes and smile are a ray of sunshine. Laetitia, you are a REAL woman!
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16. April 2018
Laetitia is adorable, I have all her cards. Very sexy and engaging. She always make eye contact with camera to let you know she is performing for you. If you are like me going back to collect older cards, adding any of her cards is great addition.
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10. Juli 2010
Laetitia è molto carina.

Ha una danza molto originale che mi piace sa essere sexi molto sensuale 10+
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5. Juni 2010
OMG--Hot, hot, hot! Totem, way to go once again!!! 100/10

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